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The Benefits of EAL

Explore Core Competencies

EAL is fun and educational for everyone. The building block curriculum helps to teach core competencies at all levels. Every one of the challenging obstacles require the communication competency. Not only are participants required to communicate with their human team member they must also include their horse into their plan.

Critical thinking skills  and common sense comes into play throughout the 12 week EAL program. Each challenge has an element of calculated risk involved, while participants make a plan to solve the puzzle or challenge that their team is faced with.

Many of the EAL challenges help the participators realize abilities they may not know they have. They discover the strengths  that they can bring to a team, as well as the strengths of other participants.  

Throughout the EAL program students learn how to be empathetic and how to show integrity. 

In the teacher role, EAL horses

respond immediately and  appropriately to allow for self and team reflection when the core competencies are not being used. When the team is on the same page and working together the outcome is very memorable and rewarding.

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