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Equine Assisted Learning


Where horses are the teachers.

Keremeos, British Columbia


Certified EAL Facilitator,
Certified Education Assistant,
Certified Level 1 First Aid,
Trained in Crisis Management,
POPARD certified
Clear Criminal Record Check
Course "Dale  Carnegie Training for Managers"


Life  Long Learning

Support That Makes a Difference

Core competencies are sets of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that all students need to develop in order to engage in deep learning. The EAL building block Curriculum, developed by Cartier Farms in Saskatchewan, and used here at Okanagan Horse Sense, provides students opportunities to develop core competencies.

Life Long Learning


EAL is fun and educational for everyone. The building block curriculum helps to teach core competencies at all levels. Every one of the challenging obstacles require the communication competency. Not only are participants required to communicate with their human team member they must also include their horse into their plan.


Critical thinking skills and common sense comes into play throughout the 12 week EAL program. Each challenge has an element of calculated risk involved, while participants make a plan to solve the puzzle or challenge that their team has been given.

Personal and Social Development

Many of the EAL challenges help the participants realize abilities they may not know they have. Individuals discover their personal strengths that they bring  to a team, as well as the strengths of the other participants. EAL demonstrates how every team member holds value. EAL students also learn about good moral conduct and integrity through discussion and praise.

Why EAL?

Our Teachers

When you come to Okanagan Horse Sense your journey will start with building a relationship with your teacher. Like people, horses personalities are built by their individual experiences, making each equine teacher a master of a different lesson. Each horse's personality will combine with your personality to provide a unique outcome of self discovery. Through out the program you will have an opportunity to choose a different teacher for a well rounded learning experience.

Our Teachers


EAL in action




18 year old mare

Deka has lived with Sheryl since birth. She is a very good teacher because she instinctively meets students at their skill level. She is very polite and caring.


3 Socks

40 year old gelding

3 Socks is a well rounded individual who has an amazing work ethic. In his younger days he covered a lot of mountain terrain while working as a ranch horse. His amazing speed and his never quit attitude made him a ranch favorite. 3 Socks has recently come out of retirement to become our number one teacher. He is enjoying all the attention and activity that an EAL career provides.



18 year old mare

Pepzee is a retired rodeo queen.  She had a successful career in barrel racing and roping. She is now enjoying her new job teaching people, she is an excellent teacher of common sense and how to build trust.



20 year old gelding

Wally loves a good back scratch and to play with 3 Sox. he is an excellent teacher of establishing boundaries and how to be a good leader.


“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?”

Vincent Van Gogh



EAL is a fun and educational activity for everyone.  At Okanagan Horse Sense, our specialty is rehabilitation for children and teens at risk and people with special needs.  Our horses have the ability to show participants skills that are often difficult to teach in a school or home setting. Skills such as how to maintain calm, how to use appropriate assertiveness, what personal boundaries are, communication and how to read body language.  When teaching is coming from a horse, it is experienced by the learner, the lessons are non verbal and delivered in exactly the right moment. In that teachable moment a connection is made. In most cases the lesson stays with the learner and becomes a new life skill.  Because the participant is able to experience the learning, the lesson becomes a tool they enjoy putting into practice outside of the arena.

Is EAL for me?



$45.00 per person per session


Fall packages now available.

4 week package $120 per person

8 week package $235 per person

Custom Reservations, please contact.

EAL qualifies under funding for Autism. Please contact me if you require more information. In some cases Eal lessons can also be subsidized, if this is something you require please contact me. 

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